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'Always Be You'

'Little Mo' Betta'

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The Reviews Are In!

"Brimming with fabulous funkiness, this single is a triumphantly groovy trip. The retro-sounding electric guitar and the toe-tapping beat grab the listener by the eardrums, before bursting out with full-bodied, Earth, Wind & Fire-like brass. With his shiny, soul-dripping vocals flirting with the music and blending into a dazzling display of funk, it’s not just a little mo’ betta, it’s a lot mo’ betta!" - Jansen's Jamz

"Feeling down? Noble Vybe Music shall give you something to put at least a little smile on your face with a dose of David Davis. The Chicago-born and talented singer brings to the table his latest single titled A Little Mo' Betta with some amazing vocals that will make you want to hear more. Upon listening to this song, we can assure you that you will have a lighter heart." - Noble Vybe


Reviews for "Always Be You"

"A night of romance with your soulmate is incomplete without a song like "Always Be You" by talented singer/songwriter David Davis. In fact, this is probably the song that you need to take your wedding to a whole new emotional level. Not only {is} the vocal performance is flawlessly delivered, but also the rending exudes a superstar's charisma. Throughout the four minutes and twenty-four seconds that the track lasts, {your} ears get filled with colors and warmth. The guitar riff is well structured along with the vocal, gushing pure fanciful mental images. Indeed, blending alternative jazz with intense soul RnB, "Always Be you" meticulously pitched to his audience. Each intoxicating note of the hook entoned by the singer comforts the nerves and gets stuck in the head." - Uranium Waves

"The stripped-down instrumental on “Always Be You” provides the perfect platform for the soulful voice of David Davis. And, in all honesty, it seems like any attempts to grandstand Davis’ voice are bound to crash and burn so why even try? This Chicago-born, L.A.-based artist mixes up the stylings of Soul singers like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye with some contemporary modes of music making to achieve a lasting feel. “Always Be You” has a timeless quality… and not just because the song is about love. David Davis is a name to know for all you Modern Soul fans." - Yab Yum West